On eggs, aggression and art


Grab your tarps, hang them up and then go get some eggs.  Punch a hole at the top of the egg.  Empty the egg out.  Fill the egg with acrylic paint.  Hang some canvas on the tarps.  Now the fun begins.  Throw the eggs as hard as you can at the canvas.

Take a moment to focus on the next egg and release your aggression as you throw that egg as hard as you can at the canvas. Watch the splatters grow.  With each and every egg you throw you will feel a little happier and a little better about life.

You just created something.  It’s a piece of art.  Hang it on your wall, show it off with pride.

This is exactly what my girlfriends and I did last night.  One of us did far better.  That is the picture you see today.  She literally thought it through as a planned process and rocked that egg painting.  She does not see the beauty of what she did.  She keeps telling me “It’s just tossing eggs”.

We laughed and we giggled.  We were all covered with paint.  I guarantee we all have some aggression in us.  This is a fun way to channel that aggression into something productive, happy and positive.  On top of that, feeding the creative beast inside is never a bad thing.

As for my egg painting, it will be showing up in an upcoming art piece I am working on.  I love to use paintings I have done in my art work.


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