Hazy days, Lilies of the Valley and the Number 42


This picture caught my attention because of the couple walking along in the hazy morning light.  Little did I know that later in the day I was going to have an epiphany that literally rocked my world and cleared my own personal haze.

Because I use symbolism so much in my work as an artist/photographer I am very prone to seeing repetitive signs.  I have found that they do have something to say to me.  So the symbols started with the Haze.

I had an epiphany about true love. It made me look back at the 3 major relationships I have had up till and including the divorce.  I was astounded at what I found there.  I had clarity unlike any other moment of clarity about what true love actually is.

Then Lilies of the Valley kept showing up in conversation, in my face, on Facebook, and soon in my yard as friends are told me they are bringing them over to my house to plant because they have too many.  Lillies of the Valley have a symbolic message of the return of happiness.  (I think we all know I had some really dark days and it was reflected in the POD)

The number 42, which all good nerdy types should know, is the meaning of life kept showing up.  Over and over like a slap to the face.  At least 10x in one day.

By the end of the day I was so mind blown at what I figured out about myself and my life that I really was nonfunctional after that.  I had more clarity than I had in the morning.  My only real problem is I have no idea what I am going to do with this clarity.


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