The Return of Happiness


The Return of Happiness

Rarely when I set out for a very specific picture do I find it.  I am more of a roam and see what I see for the POD.  Yesterday I wanted Lily of the Valley pictures.  I knew it might be too early for the blooms to be out.  They are just starting to bloom and only the last place I had in mind to look for them actually had blooms.

I knew that I had an idea in mind for the blog as well.  I thought I would share some of my happiness guidelines.  I do have a list of guidelines for just about everything.  Happiness is the important one though.

  1. Be the exception to the rule. All it takes is not settling and a little motivation.
  2. Be Alive, RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or another day.
  3. Do no harm, a lot harder than it sounds.
  4. Fears are to be annihilated, shot down and hung out to wither and die.
  5. If you are going to go for it, do it with 150% of your being.
  6. Sometimes you have to throw out the garbage because surrounding yourself with garbage will only lead to one thing, more garbage.

Happiness is not a fleeting thought.  It is all around us if we choose happiness.


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