Coffee … A must.


Perfect coffee picture for the moment

Coffee is a staple in my life.  This year it became another way to branch out and try different and unusual coffee once I got a Kuerig.  (I might literally be in a sleep coma without it now)  Yesterday coffee had greater appeal.

I woke up from a bad night of sleep. I faced the reality that nothing was stopping me from seeing the once in a lifetime meteor shower last night.  Plans had been made! We had a group of 6 going to a dark skies area of the state.  I had hand selected that area knowing it would be quiet, safe and we would be left alone.  The peak was between 1-3am.  Sleep was not an option after work.

Coffee was a must.  The Comet 209P/LINEAR was first discovered in 2004.  This is the first time anyone would be seeing this meteor shower.  Conditions were right for it to compete with the Perseid shower in August.  It was another chance for me to try yet again to get a starry picture.  Coffee was a must.

I am happy to say that it went well as far as a once in a lifetime event.  I stayed up until 4am and even got a picture that surprised me.  That however is for tomorrow’s blog.


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