Oh My! I got it!


I have been working on late night pictures like this one for years.  For some reason I just never nailed it even following all the stellar advice out there on HOW to get these pictures.  This time around I did my own thing, my own settings, and my own way.  Best picture of the night sky I have gotten ever.  I even managed doing it my way to catch one of the few meteors that night.

The meteor shower for Linear ended up being rated at 10 an hour.  And here I sit doing things my way, getting the shot. We saw a good amount of shooting stars that night.  Given where it got rated at I would call it a major success. This is not even taking into account the number of laughs we had which by far exceeded the number of meteors we saw.

Over and over life proves to me doing it my way equals success.  Following anyone else’s advice means I am probably not doing it my way.  I struggled for years on these pictures thinking that somehow I was inept because I could not get the shot when in reality I was completely capably doing it my way.


5 thoughts on “Oh My! I got it!

  1. I believe what you imaged was a satellite,judging by the rope like pattern. You should still be proud though. That is beautiful image! Well done 🙂


    • Katherine that is awesome! I will tell you what i did. F3, 15-20 second exposure, ISO 100 on a tripod. I took about 30 pics … Hit the shutter release and then ignored it. The Perseid will be a much more lively shower … The going advice was longer shutter speeds and in some cases higher fstops (makes no sense to me but….) … Good Luck I cant wait to compare notes!


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