Things that Mock Me


These songs haunted me all day.  They followed me around the house, cleaned with me, stayed in my brain and refused to be ignored.  I woke up with one in my head and heard the other one while very specifically trying to torture myself through music.  Then neither would go away.

There came a point where all I could do was try to create something to exercise these songs from my mind and subconscious. These songs were in attack mode, relentless and I would go so far as to say mocking me!

Song One:

Killswitch Engage, End of Heartache

Song Two:

Katy Perry, Dark Horse

Do you see the issue here??? Those two going back and forth in my brain sometimes mixing lyrics together caused me some mental problems.  It’s no wonder by the time I sat down at my computer to do the pictures and play around with them I was half mad.

Several takes later I had the images from that experimental thing I do.  Then the image was created but not yet complete.  Tonight I will work on it some more than right after that I am going to go watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol.2 because I think that will help.  You might wonder why those movies will help.  My answer to that is I don’t actually know except that every time I turn on the Roku (any channel) those to movies are RIGHT THERE, every Time, mocking me!


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