For the Love of your Inner Child!


Dandelions have a huge part in my childhood.  Rubbing them under your chin could mean you liked boys or butter if your chin turned yellow.  I am not sure what it said if nothing happened because I think it’s a myth that your chin might not turn yellow.  Some kids grew up popping the flower off the stem.  Most of us blew the seeds off the dead Dandelions while making wishes. Some of you made dandelion chain necklaces and bracelets. Let us not forget that you can eat them too! If you can’t get excited about dandelions it is time for your inner child to put you on a time out IN a field of Dandelions.

Some of us as adults kill them in mass quantities every year.  Not me.  Dandelions could represent my inner child easily! I love to take pictures of them dead or alive. I still like to make wishes.  I do not kill them because that would be like killing my inner child.  No way is that happening.


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