I got your back.


A few years ago my stepson started using this saying on me “I got ur back”.  Little did he realize that someone else right around that time started using that saying on me.  Little did my stepson know that right from the start this other person could hijack things from him.  This was a first.  I could go into tons of details about my relationship with my stepson.  Anything being hijacked from him would never have happened prior to this guy.

It took on a life of its own.   At some point this other person had not only my back but he had my heart as well.  Somewhere along the way my stepson, the most important person in my world, realized that saying had been hijacked.  He never called me out on it, which if you knew him is rather amazing as he calls me out on everything.  Until about two weeks ago, then I got called out on it.  I am sure there was a catalyst for why he finally called me out.  (Indeed, this is a vague mysterious reference to some odd and unexplained happening; call it a mystery of life, if you will)

Between these two amazing people I learned so much about myself, love of several different kinds and about life as well.  I faced fears with both of them.  I even learned how to deal with heartbreak with these two in a few different ways.  These two were there for me during some of my darkest days after the divorce.   I opened up, fell in love, had my heart-broken and it is ok. I learned that I could allow these feelings to wash over me, take it all in and it would not destroy me. These two helped me to have the courage and be the fearless person everyone thinks I am; the fearless person I try my best to be.

As corny as it sounds getting a tattoo was just the right way to honor this part of my story.  I will always be reminded of the important lessons this part of my story has taught me.  Reminders are good and fun reminders are even better.

This story has two of my most favorite people ever in it, nothing will ever change that.  Well actually three of my favorite people … I have kinda grown on myself a bit here in the last few years.  It’s for sure those two guys have something to do with that.


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