Family Pics


Great family or people pics start and end with catching people in the moment.  No poses.  No Smile on three.  No say cheese. Ok, I must admit having a stylist to coordinate DID come in handy on this one.  While that is amazingly nice to have someone coordinate everyone …. it is not a requirement.

Great families easily get into a moment of family fun.  As a photographer it’s easy to create these moments if you involve them.  Have fun with it.  If you have fun not only will you create great pictures you will have given them great memories as well.  Family pictures do not have to be boring nor do they need a professional photographer all the time.  Get in there have fun!

I am lucky, I got great family.  So doing pictures for them is fun and rewarding.  It did not hurt that we drove in circles with them for a bit first.  Two cars going in circles in a park that honestly all roads look the same in.  That is exactly how I started the laughs the minute we got out of our cars.  From there we just kept laughing and snapping.


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