What is your cause?


We all stand for different things.  We all have a cause of some sort, hopefully.  This lovely dog and her mom played with my dog at the dog park yesterday.  Her name is Myah. Her mother also owns Tanner.  Tanner has had his own photo shoots a few times.  I am sure Myah is up for some of this too.

We went with three dogs to the dog park.  Myah mom’s cause is dogs.  I know that many people have this as a cause.  The difference is Myah’s mother is sooo passionate.  She is passionate about everything she does.  She is the most passionate about dogs.

Myah is a Plott Hound who is 6 months old.  Her sister is also up for adoption at Tailwaggers911 rescue.  You can find information here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tailwaggers-911-Dog-Rescue/96079815896?fref=ts. Myah’s mom would never go with a disreputable rescue.  She did a ton of research when she decided to foster.  Myah is not her first foster.  Myah is the first foster fail that is really not a fail.  Myah, her mom and Tanner are all very happy!  In fact I can say all three of them found this experience to be something that affected them in a very positive way.

So today I ask you what do you stand for?  What do you fight for?  This is one happy pup because someone has a cause and fights for it.  I know I what I fight for, do you know what you fight for?


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