All it takes is a girl crush!


So I avoided taking a picture of this spectacularly cute rusty sculpture.  Why, you ask?  I seem to have certain trends in my life. I live and I learn, I face fears; I have relationships end and then go to Jurustic Park.  Weird right, it keeps happening!?

I love this sculpture but it reminds me of something that ended.  My girl crush (not in a funny way so named by the very thing that ended… also known as 9) is awesome.  She gives me clarity. I am not afraid to say that she makes me think of things differently.  Soooo lets have at it.

Screw the endings.  Let’s talk about beginnings that really did not get far.  I get attention from males.  Conceited is not my tone here.  I have not lacked in male attention since the divorce.  It has not however been really great attention.  Let’s review shall we?

  1. Married.  That’s bad. I mean he was married! not me I would never!
  2.  Ended up being a drug addict who actually had more of a problem with booze than drugs. Scary yes?
  3. Well now 3 hid behind a computer.  In fact he hid so badly that I did not even recognize him when we met.  (that was a wasted 14 hours in the car)
  4. The guy who said that I am way too nice to date so his only goal was to bring out my dark side.  Newsflash I actually have to care enough when you screw me over to turn to the dark side.  (that is a lesson that guy 9. taught me, but we shall not be talking about him today)
  5. I have drama guy.  Ok, he said drama I ran.  Good move yes? Plus I referred to him as insane … that might be an issue.
  6. I am friends with your ex and going to follow you on twitter and whatever other social media I can guy.  Ahhhhh I suspect he is reporting back to the all mighty bunghole.  (that is the ex’s ring tone after all and now for the first time I actually want him to call me because that ring tone IS hysterical)
  7. We shall refer to him as Pen Pal guy.  Clearly he wanted a pen pal because even phone calls where beyond him.
  8. Ahhh 8.  I mighta actually had hope here but then again maybe not because upon further reflection he was a drug dealer.  God help me I see a trend here.
  9. Not talking about 9.

I love my girl crush.  She is one of the best things that has happened to me since the divorce.  I do not know how I got so lucky.  If nothing else the girl crush makes all of the men (I hesitate here on at least 1 thought 8 in using that word… men) worthwhile.  And in my defense this was four years worth … Just as an added thought.

ps. there was also 6.5 i really liked him and he really liked me.  And then he was singing songs in bars about me but never called.  At this point he is an after thought.  Sad but true.


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