Oh those paths … never know where they are gonna take you.


Yesterday was a day that was a turning point for me.  I woke up with what was more than likely an accidental hangover.  I woke up ridiculously early.  I decided to grab my camera and drive after spending a bunch of time playing with Remy.

Times like this I just let the car wander.  I turn where I turn and I stop where I stop.  In this case it was a stop sign and smack dab ahead of me is this bit of scene.  The photo does it no justice at all.  It is one of those pictures that you can’t possible make it how it felt in that moment.  There is no duplicating it.

It was warmer, inviting and calling out to me not just to photograph it but to walk it as well.  I did do that. It was truly me being in the moment fully.  I took it all in.  So much washed over me that I can say it was the start to a better me.


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