Another tree


I was disappointed when the pic ended up being this one.  I had a bunch of shots with people in the rain and I had hoped one of them would turn out to be the shot of the day.  It did not. As a result I really just do not have much to say about this picture.

It is dumb to be disappointed when one picture is better than another.  I still had a good picture.  This is where the no thinking vow started to get put into place.  The more I thought about the other pictures the more upset I became.

I realized that in the recent days thinking has gotten in my way.  So for a week I vow not to “think”.  Of course I will think about how I am driving or working.  No deep thinking for a week.  I can tell you I see the effects of it already after less than 12 hours.  Every time I catch myself thinking … I tell myself to stop.

Earlier in the week I said if something brings out the worst in you it has to go.  For a time my thinking has to go.  I will happily do my best to make it so.



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