I have a mess and not the fun kind


I knew I needed a quicker picture yesterday.  I used an archive picture.  If you follow the blog you might be aware that yesterday was not a great day.   I had gotten a bit behind because of several things the day tossed my way.   That meant that the project of yesterday ended up being the project of today.

The horrid, awful nightmare of my social media outlets had to be tackled.  I have been at this long enough now that some things work and other things do not.  (So many logins, so many sites and a branding problem)   Picture taking is so easy.  This multimedia social media thing is a nightmare. I can take a series of pictures and make them work together like it’s nothing; social media, not so much.

It’s no wonder I picked an archive picture that suggests to me bewilderment and a bit of shock.  I would love to hear what works for others.  I have read some fabulous blogs but it seems it is all so individual.  So I did what any mess requires.  I added more.  You can find me on Instagram now at rosie.hartmann

There needs to be an app that just manages it all for a person.  RSS feed is next up on my list of things to do.  At least I did update sites to make it a tad easier.




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