On Being Gentle


I recently posted on Facebook a cover photo that has a flower from a Bodhi-tree.  I added the saying do no harm.  I know you have to be asking what this has to do with ice cream.

It’s simple.  Doing to no harm starts with yourself.   You can’t possibly be intent on doing no harm to the world around you if you are doing harm to yourself.  Being gentle is the beginning of doing no harm.  I have been guilty of bad out comes by allowing “stuff” to disrupt my life in a harmful way thus doing harm to myself.

Several people told me to be gentle with myself yesterday.  It really hit home.  I don’t like ice cream except on really rare occasions.  It can be the best comfort food at certain times.  I started with ice cream yesterday.  My intent was to be gentle with myself.

There are times when you have to do things that seem to be the opposite of doing no harm.  This is especially true when you need to be harmless to yourself.  It is a powerful spot to be in if you make the right choices.    If I am going to be harmless to myself then I must be gentle with myself.  Tough lesson but powerful none the less.


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