I hate not succeeding.  I love challenges.  So does that mean I love to not succeed so that I am challenged?  That is way too deep of a question philosophically.  On the topic of success I have a piece of art that I have been working on for what seems like forever to me.  It has taken me to new places creatively because I am failing so miserably at it.  I am rising to the challenge through evolutionary events.

Each piece of work I create starts with a background.   I have all the pieces and parts for this particular piece except the background.  I have tried so many different backgrounds and none seem to work.  I decided last night to try painting it out.  The plate is getting more rave reviews than anything.  Brilliant!  The plate is the answer!

If I were to take a bunch of plates and paste them all together they would have depth and form unlike a flat canvas.  If I treated each plate as a part of the story it would have function as well.  After that I can photograph it as it hangs on my wall like the piece of art it will become. Once that is all done I can take the digital image and use it as the background!

And that my friend is the evolution of my art processes.  Apparently this is also how I end up with paper plate art on my wall ….


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