Simpler Things


I love phone booths.  I love simpler times.  My day job is not so simple at the moment.  Don’t get me wrong the job is great.  The technology sucks.  The people (and by that I mean one in particular) is more complicated than normal.

If technology is not trying to annoy the living hell out of me, that one particular person is.  Between the two I can’t seem to catch a moment of serenity.  As I sat in my office today I had the most unusual conversation with this employee.  The conversation contained knives, envelopes and some unsuspecting lottery tickets.  It could almost be like the mouse and the bucket torture sessions.

Now I know that the computer upgrades always cause me some angst.  I expect it.  I also know that this person will come in my office and disrupt any mojo I may have.  I sense retribution coming soon.

It makes me ready to be at home for the paper plate incident that is happening tonight.  Painting is like phone booths, simpler.


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