Emotions are the tie that binds


I believe we all choose to stand out or not stand out.  Sometimes we let our stereotypes define us.

These three birds really stuck me yesterday.  One stands by himself in all of his unique markings and by standing apart from the others.  He is different.

The thing is we are all different, we are all individuals.  There is only one thing, in my opinion, that ties us all together.  We all have emotions.  We all feel so many different emotions.  The rest of it is just our coverings.  None of that matters.  We can stand out and we can stand apart or we can blend in.  Even those two things do not matter because in the end we all feel.  We all have to face things.

I love the diversity of people.  I love how we function.  I am forever fascinated by it.  Some of us choose to be different not because we want to be just because we are.  It is who we are.  Some of us choose to delve deep into the emotions we have.  Some of us embrace diversity.

What I like to remember is we all feel.  We all deal with those feelings differently, yet we all call those emotions the same name.  If that does not make us all alike and fitting in I have no idea what else does.  Even if you choose to stand apart with everything out in the open you feel the same emotions as the person who does so in the group and quietly.

That is pure amazing if you really think about it.



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