Paper Plates and Paint and Edits


I started with 16 large paper plates and 6 small paper plates.  I had 7 colors of blue paint, one white and one bottle of black paint.  I painted each of the plates a solid color.  Then I took the bottles of paint added water and used the bottles to splatter paint.

With wild reckless abandon I splattered paint all over the floor, table, myself and some managed to get the plates too.  Then I super glued them together.  For a change nothing got super glued to me.  It’s a promise I made myself I can keep using super glue so long as I do not glue myself together  or anything else to me again.

Then being the digital person I am I took a bunch of pictures of the plates the floor and the table and merged them together.  Then I went into every single piece of software I own for photo editing (12 to be exact) and did at least two actions.

Glorious!  It felt amazing.

Below you can see the final plate results.  It’s horrible!  Damn was that fun!



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