Indonesian Junk and the Art of Joy


Late last night we hit the road.  The girl crush and I surprised her boyfriend who was playing at a bar in Stevens Point with his band Indonesian Junk.    There is just something about great music.  On top of that it was a cool bar called The Congress Club.  It had great atmosphere.  It was well worth the 6 hours in the car.  I would go back to The Congress Club for sure.  I would not however miss the turn we needed on the way back.

I love to do band photography.  It’s my secret guilty sin. The energy in the air along with the sounds of the music seems to push all the technical stuff aside.  It is a time to just have pure joy while shooting for me.

Pure joy when being creative is an absolute necessity.  Robert Henri said “All real works of art look as though they were done in joy”.    This band has that joy.  It goes back to me feeling that life is a work of art there for life should be approached in joy.



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