The horrid video project it turns out was rather fun.


I had a goal back in the beginning of the year to have an artist video done.  I raged against it.  I am not a fan of being on the “other” side of the camera.  With some encouragement I did get it started.  Then I immediately destroyed all the work I had done accidentally.  Who am I to say the world was not telling me to wait?

Yesterday was the day for me to rise up and conquer that video.  It was not my plan, it just happened.  The local store had really good spray paint on clearance! Clearance!  Then the idea grabbed ahold … Do the video, use that spray paint to motivate you to get the video done.  So I did the only rational thing a person could do in this position.  I got a 36in x 48in canvas and decided to have fun with it.

The canvas on the other hand just wanted to be a kite.  I had to fight to get it in the house.  Then once I was outside painting it up I realized that with all the doors open and fans on I would eat less spray paint inside then outside due to the whipping wind.

The POD today is the final painting as a photograph.  I spent eight hours on it all.  Granted some of the photography work was done as well as the tree in the video was drawn back in December and the idea had been brewing in my head for a few months as well.  I knew I would be happy if the video had ten views.  As of this morning it has 27!  Victory!

What did I learn?  Video is not so bad.  I had a ton of fun doing it.  I am pleased with how it turned out, however the next one will be better.  Oh yes it will.


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