Happiness might be for lazy people, it’s just less work.


This blog is 100% metaphorical.  I rejoice in offering up no apologies for that fact.  The issue with the blog is I feel that I have to write it as if it was yesterday because it is after all yesterday’s POD.  Not that my thoughts changed much today but I digress.

Yesterday I was having self-control issues.  I freely admit this. I have been talking about spray painting a wall in the kitchen for months now.  It was pointed out by a dear friend, while I was doing the prep work yesterday, that I had been talking about it and thinking about it for a long time.

In an effort to focus my excess energy anywhere but the topic that was in my brain, I just up and got started.  During the course of this I had uncontrolled laughter. As I realized the absurdity of waiting to do something that made me happy.  I spent hours thinking about doing this project.  I spent under a half hour doing it.  The amount of effort put into thinking about spray painting the wall was 100x, at least, the effort of just doing it.  The agony of not doing it and having it in my thoughts every time I looked at the wall was awful and it took a ton of effort.  I knew what the wall needed. Every time I looked at this wall it screamed for color. Yet, I did nothing about it.  Until yesterday, and now the wall and I are happier.

The control I showed in not painting the wall was based on many factors, none of which matter. Happiness matters it is less work and the noblest fight.  And let’s not get me started on the topic of control … that is for a day later this week or next month or whatever, and believe me I have thoughts on self-control.  (Obviously … I have some self-control but only sporadically… again I digress.)


3 thoughts on “Happiness might be for lazy people, it’s just less work.

  1. I’ve noticed I do the same thing – spend 100 times the energy planning to do something than doing it. Sometimes it 100x time spent avoiding than doing. Either way, it feels good to get things like that done .
    Nice painting by the way

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