Choices … Not the picture I wanted or Preoccupied?


I could go two ways with today’s blog.  I could tell you how I missed the shot I really wanted because it was too dangerous to get.  (deadly dangerous)  I could then lead into how I will do things differently IF I get another shot at it.  I believe there is always another chance.  I plan on them.  I plot on how to approach it differently the next time I get  a shot at it.

On the other hand I could go into how pre-occupied I am.  I can’t seem to shake it.  Something is off.  I know exactly what it is.  I can’t fix it.  It’s not getting better, it is getting worse.  That is not how this is supposed to go.  It is supposed to get better.  I have to work so hard on focusing these days.  That is very unlike me.

And of course there is a song to go with it …I would say don’t listen to it but hey that is just me.

And really is it not a little weird that this is on a day with sailboat pictures which is all about plotting a course, and it has storms and fog which make plotting that course rather difficult?  Not to mention just the symbolism of boats … Ok brain … shut up.


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