On the Evils of Pandora


This is not yesterday’s POD picture.  It is one I took late at night while raging at Pandora.  The thing is it affected me more and there by would have been the POD but was taken to late.  Pandora as of late is hijacking my channels. Not only is it playing the wrong songs on the wrong channels, it is playing songs I had been actively trying to avoid.   I am not the only one having this issue.  That did make me feel better.  As a result I started last night to get Spotify set up.

My needs for music are different from some.  I have songs for people.  I have songs for specific art pieces or series.  I have songs for house work.  The artwork part though is what is truly important to me. Each series has a group of songs that I require to drown out the noise in my head when I create.  It also helps to set a tone and rhythm for my art.  I got some basics set up on Spotify but it is going to take me a while to get it all set.  That’s ok in the end it will be a work of art as well.  Unlike Pandora, it will not get hijacked.  This is a beautiful thing.

Eminem is a go to for me on motivation.  Some of his songs had to be in there right away.  As soon as he started playing Remy laid her head down on the iPad and would not let me move it.  I admit to being bit nuts over my dog.  The cool thing is my raging ended there. She is just too cute for me to rage around.


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