In a galaxy not so far away …


The force is out of balance.  It is so far out of balance that Yoda just fell over in laughter.  His last words were something like do or do not?  He was talking to himself. I have to think this means that he was plotting prior to the giggle fest taking over.

Obi-Wan is sitting standing around laughing at it all not caring that he heard a disturbance in the force.  It is the denial side of Obi-Wan. I bet it has something to do with the success of the droids not being looked for anymore.

Darth Vader seems to have forgotten or is ignoring one simple fact.  I the end he came over to the light side.  He did not go deeper to the dark side.

Princess Leia would just as soon be kissed by a Wookie but since he joined a band she can’t do that right now. So instead she is cheer leading the shenanigans. She might be the only innocent one in this story.

R2D2 is not making a bleep and not giving a bleep. This is a real problem because C-3PO is once again blind.  You can barely see him behind Boba Fett.

Oh by the way Boba Fett has now been hired.  He is after all a bounty hunter. Not to mention he shares a line with the other most fabulous character of all time.  Wesley.  “As you wish…”

And that my friends sums up life in a galaxy not so far away.

End Note: You will see these hippos from time to time.  I have been on a quest to get the perfect picture of them.  It has not happened yet.  To some degree this picture depicts my frustration with them.  I will however keep trying just like Luke did with the plane in the swamp.  Eventually I will lift these hippos out of the swamp they are in.




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