Dancing is good for the soul!


Especially when you are alone at home and no one can see you dancing serves a very primal need.  I love weddings for the dancing abstracts.  Slow your shutter speed down and click away.  Not another worry in sight.  You never know what you are going to get.   I do at least a handful of these for any weddings I do shoot which is not too many anymore.

After that you get to look and see what you get.  I feel just as awesome doing this pics as I do dancing around the house when I am home alone.  The energy is amazing with dancing!

I have to say this was an extra fun wedding since the groom and I go way back and the bride and I do a little less far back but still pretty far back.  I got to see a bunch of faces I have not seen in forever and reconnect with a few people.

After those laughs the dancing abstracts were a bonus.



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