The best cupcakes


A few years ago I met these two amazing ladies.  They, too, have helped me to grow artistically and personally.  They are crazy.  I love them.  Both of these ladies have their own individual creative things going.  One is amazing with flowers and makes the most beautiful arrangements ever.  She, like her flowers is classy, spontaneous and of the highest quality.  The other makes these cupcakes.  She is so willing to try anything to make them unique that I actually tasted one frosting that was like Robitussin PM.  It did not however make me sleepy.

Yesterday I got to see these lovely ladies.  I got a cupcake too.  I wish I had gotten ten of them. Pomegranate frosting … for real!  After not really eating much for a bit and losing 7lbs in the last month or so I think it was needed.

The only fitting tribute was to make the cupcakes the POD.  I think we all know I like to shout out to those I care about by now.  And if you ever need cupcakes or flowers in Milwaukee … Lemme know.  These guys rock them out!  I would love to say seeing them was the highlight of the day but in reality it was either the barbed wire comment OR the cupcakes. Hard to decide which.


2 thoughts on “The best cupcakes

  1. Getting to know you – watching you evolve into an amazing artist and all around great woman – is one of the few things that makes living in Milwaukee ok.


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