Milwaukee is just gone.


I am not sure why this has not made the news yet.  One would think that when almost an entire city goes poof it would make the news.  Most of Milwaukee has disappeared.  You can’t see Milwaukee.  It is gone.  Visibility is so low that walking is dangerous these days.  You could walk right into a bridge and not see it coming.

The fog is so dense that everything in front of me has disappeared.  Now this may be a bit melodramatic but it is difficult to take pictures when everything has disappeared.  Colors are no longer popping.  They are muted out and dull.  Some types of fog are a dream come true for a photographer.  This fog was a dream come true for a day. Now we are on day 6.  On top of that everything is wet.  The fog has permeated everything.

The mists that have covered Milwaukee are not making any move to leave either.  I might have to take drastic measures here because I literally can’t see a thing to a picture of.





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