For science, for art and mostly for the love of color.


When I talk about my arsenal of tools I mean something very specific.  Tools allow me to make sure the viewer thinks there may have been a ton of editing when in reality it was done in camera. Alternatively it means the exact opposite also.

I want my pictures to stretch the boundaries of how was that done. I want complicated to look simple and simple to look complicated. I want people to ask “But how?”

Today’s POD had only a slight crop done and one filter.  That one filter or action was to invert the colors. This picture was done doing that science project many of you may have seen with the heavy whipping cream, food color and die.  (

If you leave it just sit it reacts all on its own.  I can see really good applications for my art with this process.  It has officially been added to my arsenal.

As an added bonus I got color.  Color in my foggy world is a beautiful thing.

Below is the original.  Which do you like better?  So far its 50/50 on my Facebook comments.



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