No Ransom note … yet.


Yup, that is right you read that right.  The POD has been taken hostage.  In fact I am the one to blame.  I am holding the POD hostage.  The blog will run on.  I have a plan for that you see.

I noticed that something is missing from the POD and until I regain that … Hostage.  There are a few ways I could regain this lost element.  Probably none of these ways will actually work but on the journey trying these ideas out I might just find the missing piece of the puzzle.

Maybe, if after I exhaust all efforts, I will even send out a ransom note.  All I know is the next 6 days will tell me a ton.  I have six days, actually connected on a calendar, off from my day job.  Adventures, trials and misfortunes await me.  I have a very specific unplanned plan for these days.  Each day is meant to challenge my ideas, thoughts and processes on every level. My journal should be full by the end of this quest.

I will be revisiting my past, plotting my future and rehearsing my lines (not literally mind you).  We all have to pick a spot to take a look around us and see what is going on.  This is my spot and my time to focus on what is missing from the POD.

Photography is such a huge part of who I am and what I am that for anything to be missing is not ok. I need to fix that.  I will not tolerate less than 150% on the POD, it is just too much of who I am. So POD try your best to escape I dare you!


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