2 years to plot the new tradition!


Feb 29, 2012

that was the week I really started to experiment with time-lapse and different moving things.  Some of it is really creepy.  It was all really cool and fun.  I took way to many pictures!   Without the experimenting I would not be where I am today.  So my goal today is to take this idea and put it into play out in the real world.

I think part of why I am not as inspired as I was is because after 8 years of photography and almost 3 years of a photo o day it gets so hard to keep it fresh.  If I am boring myself I know it is coming across in the pictures as well.

I remember that day really well that I took this picture.  It was a leap year day and that day has always held some significance to me.  To this day once every four years I remind myself of what never to do again.  Now I am going to change the message of that day up a bit and add to it go discover!  I know I do this all the time but that day will be on an epic scale.  I have almost two years to plot this one out …watch out world, a new tradition was born today.


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