Yup this ship is sinking


My goal taking a break was to find what was missing.  I am getting closer.  I have filled up about 60 pages of journal space.  I am having great inner dialogue.  I am making progress.  Then it happened.  A Facebook friend challenged ME to post an everyday photo for 5 days straight.  (Insert chuckle here) I will take it from Philo though.  He is a talented quirky kind of photographer/artist himself.

This boat in this picture was injured in a really bad wind storm a few years back.  In the end it was lifted out and repaired. I was struck by how tranquil it looked that morning.  Here is a boat in a bad position with the sun on it just right.  The calm little waves trying to make you forget the storm the night before.  It was so peaceful.  What should have been so wrong seemed somehow so right.

You just can’t escape the forces out there in the world.  They push and they tug at you.  That seems to be right about where I am at wouldn’t you say?


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