Life truths that need re-writing


Some days I rage against the standard line.  You know those life truths that need to be banned.  They are just cop outs for the most part.  I love this picture for when I am having a moment like this.

Life is not fair.  While that is true it should never stop me from being fair. And if we all did that life would be fair.

Love is not enough.  It should be.

Life is too short.  This one is only true if you are wasting time.  When you quit wasting time life suddenly becomes just right, exactly the way it is supposed to be.

If there is a will there is a way.  That is only true if there is one person is involved OR if all parties have the will.  Really think about it! Even if it is just you … some things are not meant to be.  Take a step back and look at that reality for a minute.

Be quick to apologize.  Really?  So quick that you lack the understanding of what you did? So fast that you forgot to figure out why you did it?  So hastily you forgot sorry was an action not a phrase? So quickly your lost the ability to learn from whatever it is you did?

Maybe you see my point here.  Maybe you don’t. My thought is just this … Some life truths need to be re-written. Since I can only do that for me I have this picture that reminds me to rage on occasion against these so-called truths.  They are only truths from a certain angle.  As a photographer I have learned there are many angles.



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