It’s Gone, just like that.


I can’t even make up some of the stories in my life.  I can thank photography for that.  So this boat is gone, literally.  Sold and renamed now. I have photographed it numerous times, only once did it make the POD.   I guess with 6 tug boats the company got all sorts of confused on which tug I was investigating.  This one, I had thought, moved to just outside of Chicago. Not true it was a boat named after someone’s lovely wife that was moved.  The rest of the tugs were sold.  Gone.  It was only a small wild goose chase and a few conversations with a really cool old shipping guy.

The research I go through sometimes over the photo of the day is interesting.  In this case once I realized this boat was gone I had to google it.  I had missed it by just a few days. What I learned was interesting though.  It is not the first Gillen boat and it will not be the last either.  The first Gillen capsized off of Lake Michigan.  All crew members made it out alive and well.  It met up with very bad conditions and capsized.  Today it sits upright on the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Of course I find this odd.  Standing upright?  I would not have thought that was possible.  Apparently it is.

As a side note, it’s a Nine Inch Nails perfect drug kinda day.


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