Water drops and Fireworks


Not long after I started the POD I became fascinated with water drop pictures.  It took weeks to figure out the right contraption to drop the water perfectly.  Once I had the perfect contraption I was off and running.

The perfect contraption is a garden flag stand with a saline bag hanging off of it.  The saline ban needs the medication drip tubing and actuators to set the speed of the water.  It is a darn good thing I work in the medical field.

After getting all set up I spent an entire weekend taking water drop pictures.  I took over 3000 in one weekend.  I got 18 great shots out of that.  The timing is ridiculous!

Each and every photo reminds me of firework pictures.  You never know what you are going to get and each one is either a huge disappointment or a phenomenal enjoyment.

Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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