I love quotes on plaques.  I love awesome quotes. This one is particularly good for me today.  I remember the day I saw it.  I knew at that moment there is no such thing as forces beyond my control.  Today, there are 1001 forces beyond my control.  I love it.  It makes life more complete to not always be in control.  Sometime surrendering to those forces can be an amazing thing.

That is exactly what the rest of the weekend is about.  Surrendering to what is about to happen. Tomorrow will be a long day. By the end I will have some unanswered questions either answered or made more complicated.  It will be a trip down memory lane and possibly a new path.

Today I am feeling like the wind in this quote.


2 thoughts on “Wind

  1. I love the way you put it, today there are 1001 forces beyond your control!!! The more I let go of the need to control, the more beautiful life is…waaaay beyond my expectations!
    Thanks, Rosie

    Rosie 😉

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