I have spent the last ten days not posting a POD picture on Facebook.  For the blog I have been using archive pictures.  If you keep up with the blog you know that I felt something was missing.    I knew I was getting close to figuring it out.  Today after a visit with a friend from the past I came full circle.

The last bit of time has been about reflections.  Where, when, why and how did I end up where I was at? I can safely say, everything in the last three months HAD to be just the way it was for me to figure things out.  Particularly the last month or so had to be just as it was.  I would never have been able to feel the anger I did if it had not happened just the way it all did.

I literally needed things to be bad enough that I could acknowledge anger.  I honestly believe anger might be the worst poison.  I used to have a very big anger management problem.  I trained myself years ago to tamper it down.  I did too good of a job.  Once I felt anger again it was foreign and startling to me.  If anything had been going right I would never have felt that anger.  I blogged about the power of anger a few days back.  The rest of the time was spent facing it and dealing with it.  Where I can I resolved it.  Where it was not necessary I let go of it.

Beautiful stuff, anger resolved is beautiful stuff.  Watch out world here I come… again.


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