There are some who would say this picture should never have been taken.  Mostly these people are technical photographers.  I don’t ever want to be a technical photographer.  I want my pictures to say something beyond it’s a great picture.

I am a photographer based on instinct.  I see something then I feel it.  If there is not feeling I don’t want to take the picture.  I have been guilty of taking the picture anyway, no more.  I want to look at things from odd angles.  A view of the world that is straight on and does not include all different possible angles is limited and horrible.  I want to explore the reality beyond the perception.

I want to see and feel all that is there to see and feel, and not just in photography.  I want this in every single part of my life.  I want to look at something upside down and inside out and know if it looks the same.  Just maybe there is more than the straight on view.  Just maybe looking at something on a tilt will show you there is more.  Maybe that something more could be the most magical moment(s) of your life.


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