The Art of Imperfection


This picture is a few pictures blended together.  Much like people are blended together from all of their experiences in life.  Take me for example, after I was born the next BIG moment of my life was surgery at 30 days old.  I was born with a cleft lip.  I was also born with a word that is really long and mean large lower lip.  That surgery was one of the first things that shaped me.

Ok back to the picture.  In the background of the picture with all the colors is a beautifully painted rock.  The rock is much like my picnic table in that it changes every time I see it.  The over laying images that look scratchy are my scars.  Yes I faded them into the picture.  That is truly representative of me, my scars blend in. Some are easier to see and others not at all.  I know they are there though.

I have had this idea floating around for a while now. Life is art and each of us is a work of art. We all have scars, some seen, some unseen.  These scars are a part of what blends us into a work of art. Some let the colors be seen some do not.

Imperfection is probably the most basic art form if we let it be. I embrace imperfections in my art, people I love and in myself.  After all without imperfections (flaws if you will) we would all be the same and boring. These “scars” are what make us unique in many ways.  However they are not the only way we are unique.

Like this picture if you get past the scars and see the color … Bam.  If you focus on the scars well this becomes kind of scary.


As a side note this piece will end up in one of my series.  It is not yet completed.  It has a few rough edges that need fixing.  In the end no matter how we let are stars shine we all feel scarred right?


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