Letting Go


It was literally time to clean out my closet.  I rewarded myself afterword with a really good rum and coke.  My closet was full of clothes from when I weighed a lot more.  I like to hide behind those clothes.  I can’t anymore.  They are gone. It feels glorious to know that.

The rum and coke was well-earned.  It has literally taken me years to get rid of these clothes.  One item I had from a decade ago when I weighed 70lbs more. Letting go feels good but it is hard to do.  Once you get the ball rolling it becomes easier to see that maybe just maybe there is more to let go of.

Personally, I think that is why I choose the rum and coke for the POD.  It was easier to do that as the POD and then drink it rather than contemplate the things I should and probably will let go of.

It is a bittersweet thing letting go.  It’s like saying goodbye to a part of you. In the next thought you are congratulating yourself.  Life is such a see-saw and that is truly amazing!


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