Today you do not get to read about the actual POD picture, nope it’s all mine.  The thing about it is this; anything I could or would write about this picture is not blog-able for me.  I could make something up about it but why?  I would much rather write about an archive picture.

So you get something similar to what the POD picture was.  Music, it’s all about the music. When I hear music I also see music.  In my brain when I hear music that is magical or somehow important to me I see images in my head.  It can be an explosion of colors, shapes, scenes or any combination of the above.  The things I see in my brain when I hear music is random and moving.  It adds to the music for me.  It shows me the flow of the rhythm of the piece.  It adds to the feel of the music.

The lyrics become secondary to the effect the music has on my soul.  The lyrics however are always right there whispering in my ear begging to be heard.  The lyrics and the music somewhere during the song become one and it’s a lovely dance in my head the two do.  I do not ever seek to control how I am thinking when I get really absorbed into music.  It is a beautiful thing. It is an intricate part of how I create.


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