Want More!


When I was a 5th grader I wanted to collect something, anything.  It all started when my sister’s godmother, who is also my crazy aunt that is amazing, sat me down and explained to me that her responsibilities to my sister where different.  She explained what it meant to be an aunt and what it meant to be a godparent.    She also explained to me because she was Mollie’s Godmother she wanted to start a collection for Mollie.  I completely understood. It is amazing that when you explain something to a kid how well that works. I never felt less in my Crazy Aunt’s eyes.

I had a field trip to Cedarburg, WI.   At the time I was given $5 to spend at the stores of Cedarburg, WI.  Five whole dollars!  That was a ton back then.   I found a shop that had these little soaps.  I had enough of the $5 left to get one.  I looked and looked at them.  I knew what I was looking for; something more for myself, something to collect. Then I saw it, the hippo made of soap.  It was so cute and bubbly looking.  That began my hippo collection.  That was in the wonderful year of 1985.

As you can see from the POD I am still going strong after almost 30 years!  I want to ALWAYS be that fifth grade kid wanting more for myself.  I want to aspire, hope and dream for more.  If a fifth grader can make something that big happen what can you do as an adult?


A special thanks to my Stepson for this lovely hippo I got from him yesterday!


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