Gonna have to try this out


Just one time I want to see if I can walk this wheel.  It looked like this guy, Melvin, was having so much fun.  He absolutely made the mark on approaching his craft with joy.  He played to the crowd and he looked like he was in heaven doing it.  It got me to thinking.

I do have time to do more things like calling this guy up and seeing if I can make trying it out happen.  So this week I am going to call him and see if I can make it happen.  Why not?  I have not tried something new in a while, it is about time.  His website says you can learn and that information is coming soon.  (http://wackywheeler.com/ )

Trying new things gives you a new view of the world.  A new view of the world makes you more confident.  A new confidence adds a new sense of hope and adventure.


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