Why make a choice if you don’t have to?


I live right on an alley.  This alley is magical in summer.  There are numerous people who grow flowers.  These neighbors of my mine are amazing with what they do.  There are so many flowers that occasionally I think I can actually smell them in the air.

I absolutely love flowers.  Yesterday I took the walk down the alley and had way too many pictures of these flowers.  Two of those pictures really stood out.  There was no way I could make a choice between the two. Why make a choice you do not have to make?  I merged them together and came up with something that was more.  The two pictures together catch the magic of the alley.

I especially loved that it was the daisy and day lily picture that caught my attention.  Who does not love the romance of a Daisy and the energy of an orange Day Lily?

Choices are funny things.  Sometimes refusing to choose leads to a better place.


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