Simplicity is the black and white picture.  Elegant, simple and yet thought-provoking.  Sometimes I complicate my life.  By that, I mean, all the time.  I am working on fixing that.  The biggest problem currently on the lack of simplicity is the 5 domains I control.  That has to go.  So in the line of the POD picture I am going to simplify.  I am combing two of the sites, keeping one separate and the other two are really no longer needed.  Those two are going.

As a result … The blog is moving!  The new blog is  I hope you follow me over there!  I plan of searching out each of the blogs I have followed and re-following you all.  I have found in WordPress blogs something I never knew was out there.  It has enriched my world.

The weight lifted on the how and whys of doing all of this stuff was amazing.  I encourage you go find one thing today to simplify.  It makes a huge difference.  I know this is going to start a roller coaster for me of simplifying and I can’t wait to fill the new-found time with new and exciting things!

I will be double posting for a week and then after that I will forward the to the new domain.  Sorry for the trouble I am causing you but I anticipate a better more well rounded website from this!



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