I cheated myself.


Every day I go down by Lake Michigan and have some me time.  I try to shut out the world, listen to my music selection for the day and sometimes I write in my journal.  Today I was running late.  I had 5 minutes to sit at the place you see as yesterday’s POD.   It was not enough time.  I cheated myself.

Having time to reflect on the upcoming day, life’s events or whatever feels the need to cross you mind is soothing.  It adds a moment of tranquility.  Yesterday I had 45 minutes and the skies where perfect for the picture you see of the Allen Bradley building and the Hoan Bridge.  Having your own time and your own space is amazing.  It also is directly responsible for this picture and a few others.

Having even 5 minutes in a day that is for you is also better than having no time.  The solitude that is gained from spending some time on you is immense.  So today I say take at least 5 minutes for you.


Also gentle reminder the blog is moving to http://www.rosiehartmann.com hope to see you there!


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