Gonna have to try this out


Just one time I want to see if I can walk this wheel.  It looked like this guy, Melvin, was having so much fun.  He absolutely made the mark on approaching his craft with joy.  He played to the crowd and he looked like he was in heaven doing it.  It got me to thinking.

I do have time to do more things like calling this guy up and seeing if I can make trying it out happen.  So this week I am going to call him and see if I can make it happen.  Why not?  I have not tried something new in a while, it is about time.  His website says you can learn and that information is coming soon.  (http://wackywheeler.com/ )

Trying new things gives you a new view of the world.  A new view of the world makes you more confident.  A new confidence adds a new sense of hope and adventure.


Want More!


When I was a 5th grader I wanted to collect something, anything.  It all started when my sister’s godmother, who is also my crazy aunt that is amazing, sat me down and explained to me that her responsibilities to my sister where different.  She explained what it meant to be an aunt and what it meant to be a godparent.    She also explained to me because she was Mollie’s Godmother she wanted to start a collection for Mollie.  I completely understood. It is amazing that when you explain something to a kid how well that works. I never felt less in my Crazy Aunt’s eyes.

I had a field trip to Cedarburg, WI.   At the time I was given $5 to spend at the stores of Cedarburg, WI.  Five whole dollars!  That was a ton back then.   I found a shop that had these little soaps.  I had enough of the $5 left to get one.  I looked and looked at them.  I knew what I was looking for; something more for myself, something to collect. Then I saw it, the hippo made of soap.  It was so cute and bubbly looking.  That began my hippo collection.  That was in the wonderful year of 1985.

As you can see from the POD I am still going strong after almost 30 years!  I want to ALWAYS be that fifth grade kid wanting more for myself.  I want to aspire, hope and dream for more.  If a fifth grader can make something that big happen what can you do as an adult?


A special thanks to my Stepson for this lovely hippo I got from him yesterday!

Banana Bread Beer



Bottom line, this beer is amazing.  I felt like I was sitting in my grammy’s kitchen except it was not banana bread with butter melting on it.  Instead I was in her kitchen drinking a beer that tasted like all that.  Now I have to add that at first it was a bit bitter but the after flavors of banana were just right.  The melded together just as flavors should but still managed to keep a strong banana taste.  Excellent!

Also I think Remy likes to be in the beer pictures.  🙂





Today you do not get to read about the actual POD picture, nope it’s all mine.  The thing about it is this; anything I could or would write about this picture is not blog-able for me.  I could make something up about it but why?  I would much rather write about an archive picture.

So you get something similar to what the POD picture was.  Music, it’s all about the music. When I hear music I also see music.  In my brain when I hear music that is magical or somehow important to me I see images in my head.  It can be an explosion of colors, shapes, scenes or any combination of the above.  The things I see in my brain when I hear music is random and moving.  It adds to the music for me.  It shows me the flow of the rhythm of the piece.  It adds to the feel of the music.

The lyrics become secondary to the effect the music has on my soul.  The lyrics however are always right there whispering in my ear begging to be heard.  The lyrics and the music somewhere during the song become one and it’s a lovely dance in my head the two do.  I do not ever seek to control how I am thinking when I get really absorbed into music.  It is a beautiful thing. It is an intricate part of how I create.

Grrrr…. (and a little laugh too)


I had an idea.  I thought it was a really good idea.  I thought the picture would turn out cool looking with an old school rock and roll feel to it.  Instead I got this.  It looks dark and grrrr!!!!

Here’s the process.  I went to a car show.  I got a hood ornament, an emblem and a rusted out fender.  My brilliant idea; toss ‘em together in a Photoshop/Photomatix merge type thing.  The rusted out fender had blues and greens and rust colors. Do you see them? I certainly do not. I also do not see a happy/cool picture here.  I suppose one could argue that the emblem and the hood ornament being skulls might have changed the tone some.  They looked so cool.  The idea was good.  The final product was not what I expected.

Intentions do not always work out when tossing things together that do not belong together.  This seems to be the theme of my week.   I honestly have to laugh.  I finished a piece I have been working on for what seems like forever last night and it was amazing.  No one but me will ever see it.  I am actually considering deleting IT to make sure no one ever sees it but me.  The sick thing is this IS the one that should be deleted but yet here it is for all to see.  I just have to laugh at this.

Sometimes photography/art just does its own thing and you just have to let it.


Letting Go


It was literally time to clean out my closet.  I rewarded myself afterword with a really good rum and coke.  My closet was full of clothes from when I weighed a lot more.  I like to hide behind those clothes.  I can’t anymore.  They are gone. It feels glorious to know that.

The rum and coke was well-earned.  It has literally taken me years to get rid of these clothes.  One item I had from a decade ago when I weighed 70lbs more. Letting go feels good but it is hard to do.  Once you get the ball rolling it becomes easier to see that maybe just maybe there is more to let go of.

Personally, I think that is why I choose the rum and coke for the POD.  It was easier to do that as the POD and then drink it rather than contemplate the things I should and probably will let go of.

It is a bittersweet thing letting go.  It’s like saying goodbye to a part of you. In the next thought you are congratulating yourself.  Life is such a see-saw and that is truly amazing!

The Art of Imperfection


This picture is a few pictures blended together.  Much like people are blended together from all of their experiences in life.  Take me for example, after I was born the next BIG moment of my life was surgery at 30 days old.  I was born with a cleft lip.  I was also born with a word that is really long and mean large lower lip.  That surgery was one of the first things that shaped me.

Ok back to the picture.  In the background of the picture with all the colors is a beautifully painted rock.  The rock is much like my picnic table in that it changes every time I see it.  The over laying images that look scratchy are my scars.  Yes I faded them into the picture.  That is truly representative of me, my scars blend in. Some are easier to see and others not at all.  I know they are there though.

I have had this idea floating around for a while now. Life is art and each of us is a work of art. We all have scars, some seen, some unseen.  These scars are a part of what blends us into a work of art. Some let the colors be seen some do not.

Imperfection is probably the most basic art form if we let it be. I embrace imperfections in my art, people I love and in myself.  After all without imperfections (flaws if you will) we would all be the same and boring. These “scars” are what make us unique in many ways.  However they are not the only way we are unique.

Like this picture if you get past the scars and see the color … Bam.  If you focus on the scars well this becomes kind of scary.


As a side note this piece will end up in one of my series.  It is not yet completed.  It has a few rough edges that need fixing.  In the end no matter how we let are stars shine we all feel scarred right?