Banana Bread Beer


Bottom line, this beer is amazing.  I felt like I was sitting in my grammy’s kitchen except it was not banana bread with butter melting on it.  Instead I was in her kitchen drinking a beer that tasted like all that.  Now I have to add that at first it was a bit bitter but the after flavors of banana were just right.  The melded together just as flavors should but still managed to keep a strong banana taste.  Excellent!

Also I think Remy likes to be in the beer pictures.  🙂




Rogue Ales and Spirit


It has been a minute since I added a beer capades review.  I came across the Dead Guy Rogue Ale the other night while eating out.  I have to say I choose this beer based on one thing alone, the name. Let’s not delve too deeply into why the name caught my attention.

Much to my surprise it was an amazing beer.   Normally when I choose based on the name it does not go so well for me.  It was the perfect lighter fare compared to the Porters I have been drinking lately.  It has a brisk flavor that is refreshing.  I can imagine sitting outside watching on a summer night with this beer.  I did not think it was too bitter or too hoppy yet at the same time full of flavor.  This easily will go to the top of my ale list.  And again as always, I am just a girl who is figuring out the beer.  If I used the wrong terms it is because I still have much to learn.  What this girl knows though is that this is a damn good beer!

You can find out more about Rogue here:  I choose this part of their website to link because I love the flavor of their declaration.  I will be trying more of their beers in the not too distant future.

Great Lakes Brewing Company: Edmund Fitzgerald Porter


So here I was in Chicago at Schuba’s seeing the Jim Jones Revue.  The beer menu was fun.  I took pictures of it actually.  I decided to try the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter by Great Lakes Brewing Co.  I was immediately in love with this beer.  Since then no porter has compared.

Porters are a work of art that requires the brewer to have patience.  At least that is what I have read.  It is a dark style beer that is well hopped.  This really is a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me.

I have liked all the porters I have tried so far.  This one makes the top of my list because I feel that the flavors are well defined without every over powering my simple taste buds. It’s a smooth to the point of almost too smooth beer.  I have enjoyed the flavors now with every type of food.  I am not ashamed to admit that I drank this while eating breakfast this week for dinner.  I also enjoyed it with the brownie I had last week.

I am no expert but if you can drink a beer with breakfast at dinner and a brownie it has to get “brownie” points in my opinion.  Not every beer tastes good with a brownie.  Judging from the picture I would say my dog, Remy, agrees.


Coffee Stout by New Glarus and the absence of Trooper Beer

Coffee and Beer together!!?? That made the decision very easy to try this beer. I had some reservations. Coffee is amazing. Beer is amazing. Together they could be a disaster. It was not a disaster. The Coffee Stout that New Glarus puts out is a perfectly blended set of flavors. The coffee flavor is so subtle that you almost have to work to taste it. The stout side of this beer is what I would call a smooth and calm stout. It is not as in your face as some stouts can be.

This Guy I Know felt that he would pass on partaking of this flavor. I think he might hold his coffee and beer in higher regard than I do and I think he might be a lager kind of guy. I also believe that currently he is on a Trooper Beer Kick. I will have to be patient (Not my strong point) on trying that one as it is not found around my town. Rumor has it my patience will be rewarded since This Guy I Know might assist since he is able to find it in his town. His take on Trooper Beer is that it is worthy of any one partaking of.



Ahh the beer capades!

What you will find in this section of my blog is all about beer things.  There are two ideas that started this.  One was making my kitchen floor a beer bottle cap floor and the other was to broaden my horizons and try different types of beers.

There is a POD blog referring to these ideas. ( )  Most things in my life end up in pictures.  That is just me.  Most things at some point end up aiding and abetting me in bad ideas.  Add into that that I know a guy….he encourages some but not all bad ideas.   For the record he was totally on board with this idea.

Periodically I am going to post about the beer capades.  I have no idea what will come out in these blog posts.  I must admit to being somewhat scared.  First I have to be better educated on beer. Just like I had to be educated on how many beer bottle caps I would need for this floor idea.  This is a starting point right now.

Beer is not as easy to just google or wiki an answer for.  As soon as I did that I came to the absurd knowledge that this was going to be a ton harder than I thought.  Instead of doing research I am just going to keep trying them and then decide when I want to learn more.  From here on end you will find that I make comments and recommendations.  I think this will be a weekly post.  I know that in these thoughts you will find a Guys opinion as well as a female’s opinion.  Stay tuned!

I also want to point out an oddity that I feel is worth mentioning:  about 80% of the way through this post on wiki there is a section entitled “Other fermented drinks based on cereals”